Supplier Behaviour – 1 Day


This one-day course aims to push the comfort zones of buyers by putting you securely in the shoes of the seller for a day. By forcing you to think and behave like a seller, the course helps you to truly understand the skills, techniques and psychology of the other party in a buyer/seller relationship, while recognising the tactics that suppliers use in negotiations.

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An insight into the behaviour, psychology and toolkit of your suppliers

What key points will the training cover?

  • An in-depth look into the supplier’s world
    – What makes the buyer attractive – from a supplier’s perspective?
    – Why some customers are more attractive that others?
    – What are the key drivers from a supplier’s perspective?
  • Understanding the profile of a successful seller
    – What does good look like?
    – Irritators from a buyer’s perspective
    – Managing the irritators to build relationships
    – What makes them tick
  • The supplier’s toolkit
    – The belief cycle
    – People buy people first
    – Sales techniques, skills and models for moving buyers
    – The selling process and tools for handling buyer objections


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the power of information and psychology in buyer/seller relationships
  • Identify what motivates the sales people you deal with and the issues they see as important
  • Confidently prepare for negotiations by setting strategies and tactics to meet your objectives throughout the procurement process
  • Recognise the tools, tactics and conditioning statements made early in negotiations and have the skills to encourage suppliers to offer more favourable terms