Inventory Management – 1 Day


Is it right for me?

Managing inventory is a critical activity in any business.  It supports the delivery of goods to the customer and defines the level of customer service.  This one-day course will provide you with the baseline knowledge and techniques to better manage your inventory. You will also gain an insight into how this can result in a positive impact both on customer satisfaction and on your bottom line.

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Achieve the right balance between inventory and demand


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the basics of stock management and how it impacts on the business and customer service
  • Understand and implement different types of replenishment system
  • Understand the costs associated with stock holding
  • Analyse warehouse stock and suggest ways of reducing stock and minimising inventory
  • Better understand the material requirements planning process

What key points will the training cover?

  • Replenishment methods, systems and variations
    – Re-order point
    – Periodic Review
    – Impact of uneven demand
    – Managing demand
    – Material requirements planning
    – Kanban systems
    – Consignment stocks
  • Management of inventory
  • The review cycle