Introduction to Negotiation – 1 Day


This one-day training course is aimed at individuals in procurement and supply functions who are new to, or have limited knowledge of negotiation. The course considers the essential elements of the negotiation process and the techniques required to achieve successful outcomes.

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The fundamentals of negotiation – the effective skills, techniques and tactics needed for positive outcomes

What key points will the training cover?

  • Introduction to negotiation theory and approaches
  • Negotiation stages, tools and techniques
  • Persuasion methods and counteraction
  • Key strategies and tactics
  • Communication skills
  • Closing the deal


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Recognise the steps contained within a negotiation process
  • Plan and prepare for a negotiation
  • Recognise different styles of negotiation
  • Identify a range of techniques and tactics to use throughout a negotiation process
  • Apply learning through negotiation role-play