Communication, Influencing and Negotiation – 2 Days


Is it right for me?

Influencing skills are the ability to bring people round to your way of thinking about a certain topic, without force or coercion whilst acknowledging their opinions.


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What will I learn?

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the organization culture, context and decision making process.
  • Stakeholders management practices
  • Understanding people behavior (seller and buyer)
  • Mapping selling process with buying process
  • Setup communication and escalation process
  • Understand Leadtime management basics
  • Understand suppler management principles
  • Building effective negotiation teams
  • Structure negotiation teams to meet given deadlines
  • Develop and deploy negotiation strategies, effective at all levels of the organization
  • Have an in depth understanding of negotiating styles and the strengths and weaknesses
  • Be able to understand and apply the effective use of body language
  • Appreciate the implications of cultural differences in negotiations
  • Dealing with difficult or challenging people
  • Effective people skills (questioning, listening and follow-up)
  • Basics of phone /email Negotiation tactics