Commercial Awareness – for Non-financial staff and engineers – 1 Day


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Commercial acumen is a term that refers to an individual’s ability to view situations from a commercial or business perspective, facilitating better business decisions and innovative thinking. It’s about knowing the market, customers and stakeholders, what they want and need and how they work; understanding organizational culture; identifying threats and opportunities; and about developing more robust strategic goals and better implementation plans, helping to justify the cost-effectiveness of any budget and the available resources.

This course is for technical teams , Engineers, Buyers, new procurement and Supply Chain staff, Cross-functional teams leaders/members.


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Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, delegates will be equipped with:

  • Analysis of internal and external factors impacting organizations.
  • Identify and diagnose critical business issues – especially as they pertain to procurement’s role., Create a desire for a solution that will address business and procurement issues.,
  • Create a compelling value proposition: qualify solution benefits; develop a business case framework and use Total Cost of Ownership methods to quantify benefits., Achieve more influence and identify opportunities to be more effective and efficient.,
  • Analyze stakeholders in the procurement function and their attitudes to change., Categorize trading partners to determine which procurement strategies can apply and identify which type of trading partner your company is.,
  • Differentiate your company from its competition through how you sell in addition to what you sell.,
  • Develop a vision for your solution at the client., Change a customer’s biased vision of your competitor’s solution., Generate more interest in a company’s related offerings.