Advanced Negotiation – 2 Days


Is it right for me?

This two-day course will provide guidance on advanced negotiation techniques and strategies, providing delegates with greater understanding of negotiation styles and emotional intelligence. It will also examine the effective use of nonverbal negotiation techniques and develop understanding of negotiating in different cultural environments. It is ideally suited for those with considerable negotiation experience, who wish to further develop their skills and knowledge.

This course is aligned to the Managerial level of the CIPS Global Standard. Typical job roles at this level include: Senior Buyer, Chief Buyer, Category Manager, Contract Manager, Contract Officer, Logistics Manager and Supply Chain Executive.

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What will I learn?

By the end of this course you will be able to:

• Effectively plan and prepare for multi-level negotiations

• Structure negotiation teams to meet given deadlines

• Develop and deploy negotiation strategies, effective at all levels of the organisation

• Have an in depth understanding of negotiating styles and the strengths and weaknesses

• Be able to understand and apply the effective use of body language

• Appreciate the implications of cultural differences in negotiations

What key points will the training cover?

• Strategic planning

• Understanding people and developing relationships

• Building effective negotiation teams

• Negotiating in different cultures

• Dealing with difficult or challenging people